The journey so far

The Khaju Bridge in Isfahan. Credit ASC

Isfahan’s Khaju Bridge

Night at the Khaju Bridge in Isfahan

The high dome of the Shah Mosque in Isfahan

With Ayatollah Gerami in Qom

Guest speaker at a meeting of the Association of Political Scientists of Qom

In the Qom residence of Ayatollah Khomeini

Street scene in Qom

Mosque in Kashan

Merchant house in Kashan

Interior glasswork in a merchant house in Kashan

Wall of martyrs from the Iran-Iraq War in Kashan, Iran

Saadabad Palace grounds, northern Tehran

The old Qajar Palace on the grounds at Niavaran

The office of the Shah, Qajar Palace at Niavaran

Private sitting room in the Qajar Palace at Niavaran

Residence of the Iranian royal family at Niavaran, Tehran

The Grand Hall at Niavaran

Looking down on the Grand Hall, Niavaran

The Shah’s private sitting room at Niavaran

The family TV room at Niavaran

Royal insignia at the entrance to Golestan Palace, Tehran

Golestan Palace in downtown Tehran

Roadside poster in Tyre, southern Lebanon, commemorates Imam Musa Sadr

With Empress Farah Pahlavi in the royal tomb at the Al Rifai Mosque Cairo

With Empress Farah Pahlavi in the royal tombs at Al Rifai Mosque, Cairo

With Empress Farah and Mrs Jehan Sadat Cairo

Empress Farah and Jehan Sadat pay homage at the tomb of Anwar Sadat, Cairo

Empress Farah at the Shah’s gravesite, Al Rifai Mosque, Cairo

The Greek royal residence at Tatoi, outside Athens

Interior view of the big house at Tatoi

Inside the royal residence at Tatoi

Ivaron monastery, Mount Athos

The island of Astypalaia in the Greek Dodecanese

The hidden city of Petra, Jordan

Roman archeological site at Jerash in Jordan

The Roman city at Jerash in Jordan

The Citadel in Amman

Christ’s baptismal site on the banks of the River Jordan

Looking out over the Holy Land, Jordan